​​Depotting my Lipsticks into a MAC palette

November 24, 2015

Hey everyone! I decided to depot my lipsticks into a palette to save space in my makeup kit, and to make them more easily accessible. This would be beneficial to any makeup artist, or for any lipstick junkies out there! The MAC freestanding stores carry the palettes, but unfortunately not the lipstick insert. I picked mine up from the MAC Pro store in Toronto, but you could also order them online from www.maccosmetics.ca.  The palette itself was $10, and the insert with 24 wells was only $3. There is also another insert you could buy which only has 12 wells (also $3). To depot your lipsticks you will need:

-a sharp knife (I started with a spatula, but found a knife was more effective)

-a spoon

-a flat iron (you can also use a candle, but it may burn the spoon and your lipsticks if you're not careful)

-a cup of cold water

​-paper towels

Make sure you have some time to do this, it took me way longer than I expected. First, you will need to decide which order you would like to put them in. I arranged them by nudes, pinks, and purples. Heat up your flat iron. If you are using the palette insert with 24 wells, you will not be able to fit a full lipstick in the well. I cut off the top of the lipstick, leaving less than a quarter of the lipstick in the tube. But it depends how much of your lipstick has been used. Not going to lie, cutting the lipstick was very difficult for me. It hurt my heart a little! </3

I should mention, you will still have a lot of your lipstick left inside of the tube. You can use a lip brush to continue using your lipstick from the tube until it's all gone. If you are depotting MAC lipsticks, make sure to save all your empty containers for the recycling program. If you bring back 6 empties, you will receive a free lipstick back! Also, if you take them into a freestanding store, you can choose either a lipstick, lipglass or eyeshadow!

Once you cut the top off your lipstick, wipe it into your spoon, and set the spoon on your flat iron to heat up until it is fully melted. Carefully pour the melted lipstick into one of the wells. MAKE SURE you are careful with this! I accidentally poured some lipstick into a well on top of another lipstick, and had to scrape it off. After pouring it into the well, place the spoon in the glass of water to cool down. Then you can use a paper towel to wipe off the excess lipstick. Continue doing this until you have finished all 24. I would suggest to write down the names of the lipsticks in order. You can keep this list underneath the palette insert, in case you ever need to look at it.​ Wipe up any edges of the palette that need to be cleaned up with a q-tip, and you're all done!

In order from top left:

Myth, Faux, Kinda Sexy, Cherish, Blankety, Mocha, Velvet Teddy, Brick O La

Shy Shine, Creme Cup, Brave, Fanfare, Chatterbox, Speed Dial, Relentlessly Red, Impassioned

La Vie En Rouge(LE), Girl About Town, D for Danger, Flat Out Fabulous, Up the Amp, Heroine, Rebel, Instigator

Which colour would you choose? : )

Eyelash Extensions!

(FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions)

July 16, 2015

Q: What are eyelash extensions?

A: Eyelash extensions are a popular new trend that enhances the look of your natural lashes. They are semi-permanent synthetic strands of lashes, which are applied to each individual lash (without touching the skin), with a specially formulated rubber-based glue. If you go to a properly trained technician, they should take the time to apply the extensions to ONE single lash at a time, which will prevent them from pulling out extra lashes when they are ready to shed. They are perfect for brides, or for those who don't want to spend too much time getting ready in the morning, or those who just want to feel a little more luxurious. They are also waterproof, and great for travelling!

Q: What is the difference between classic lashes, 2D-3D, and volume lashes?

A: Classic extensions provide a more natural look, with only one extension applied per lash. 2D-3D is a method of applying a 'fan' of 2 or 3 lashes per lash, giving a slightly more volumized look. Lastly, volume lashes give a more luscious, dramatic look by applying 4 or more extensions in a fan per one lash.

Q: Are eyelash extensions safe?

A: Yes, eyelash extensions are safe if properly applied. Eyelash extensions are currently not regulated by the FDA, due to the fact that they have no actual contact with the skin (they are applied about 1mm away from the lashline), so you need to make sure you are going to someone who is fully trained and certified. It is recommended to ask to see a certificate, as well as photos of their work. Clients with sensitivity around the eyes may want to come in for a 'test patch' prior to having a full set done. A couple extensions will be applied to each eye, and it is best to wait at least 24 hours before coming back for your full set. If a client does have a reaction, or for any reason needs the lashes removed, they may come back in for a removal. Please do not attempt to remove the extensions yourself.

Q: How often should I come to get them filled?

A: Eyelash extensions will shed when your natural eyelashes shed. It is normal to loose about 2-3 lashes per day. However, everyone has a slightly different growth cycle, and depending on your lifestyle, the lashes may shed at a different rate. Clients who swim or practice hot yoga often, may need to come in sooner for a fill. It is recommended to have your eyelash extensions filled every 2-3 weeks. If you wait too long for a fill, you will require a new set. With the proper care, you can help for them to last longer.

Q: How do I take care of my eyelash extensions?

A: DO NOT pull or pick at your lashes!!!
      Please avoid getting them wet for 24 hours.
      Avoid steam, or saunas for 24 hours. This includes the steam from your dishwasher!
      Do not use oil based makeup remover, or any oil based products around the eyes.
      Do not use a mechanical eyelash curler, as it could break the extensions, as well as your lashes. Opt for a heated lash curler,         if needed. However, the extensions provide a natural curl, so most people don't find the need to curl them further.
      Use only mascara specifically formulated for lash extensions. A great one is Extended Play from MAC.
      Avoid sleeping on your side or stomach.
      Brush through them with a disposable mascara wand twice a day, or after washing your face.

Q: How should I come to my eyelash appointment?

Please show up on time to your appointment, with no eye makeup on, and no contacts please! The process will take about 2.5 hours, so be ready to relax and have a 'lash nap'. You will wake up with beautiful new lashes! Please do not come for an appointment if you have an eye infection, or have recently undergone an eye operation or cosmetic surgery. It is best to wait until the eye is completely healed!

EDIT (05/26/2016): At this time, I am no longer offering eyelash extensions.

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